ABOUT THE PRODUCT Juicy and snappy, with a beautiful balance of sweet and tart flavour, these grape bunches have a lingering taste. Do not tire yourselves searching for an unspoiled fruit, we have handpicked and finely packed fresh green seedless grapes which are just a few clicks away. STORAGE AND USES Wash the grapes under cool, running water. Pat them dry and store it in the refrigerator. Rinse well and eat them right off the vine for a healthy, refreshing snack, any time of day. You can also freeze them in summer and toss them in drinks. Make your salads and curd rice colourful by adding these refreshing and sweet grapes. BENEFITS Green seedless grapes are rich in antioxidant properties and fibres. They reduce inflammations and help in weight loss. They also promote heart health and strengthen immunity.

Grapes (Angur)


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